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Our Fleet

Pickup Trucks
The trucks range in size from small utility to full size ½, ¾, or full 1 ton. Equipped to handle your transporting needs, the trucks are complete with cargo straps, tarps, cargo nets and dollies.

From local courier service to shipments across town, Cardinal’s vans are a fast and secure way to deliver items to your destination.

Stake Beds
These vehicles general range from 1 to 2 ½ tons with anywhere from 12 ft. to 24 ft. flatbeds. They are able to carry up to 12,000 lbs. Specific vehicle capabilities vary depending on model, make, legal limitations, and registered limits. Cardinal will provide chains, boomers, straps or tarps to secure the cargo.

Gooseneck / Trailers
Trailers range in size from 24 ft. to 40 ft. with the majority falling into either the 32 ft. to 40 ft. range. Same limitations apply to the trailers as to the stake beds. The main difference between trailers and stake beds is that trailers have more square footage room.

Our bobtail fleet ranges from 12 ft. to 26 ft. and handle up to 12,000 lbs with lift gates.


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