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Cardinal Delivery Services

Cardinal Delivery is a full service delivery company, offering a variety of delivery options from local courier service to hazmat delivery to custom bank routes to customs bonded deliveries.

On Demand
First Priority—Cardinal dispatches the closest vehicle immediately for your delivery. We use all of our resources to get the delivery to you as soon as possible with 1-hour, 2-hour and 4-hour options. Houston weather and traffic does play into account our speed, however, we will be there as quickly and safely as we can be for you.

Commercial Routes
Cardinal Delivery can handle both your local and national requests. When your delivery volume needs are high, maximize efficiency by having Cardinal as your full time delivery service.

HAZMAT Deliveries
Our licensed drivers can handle your hazardous delivery requirements.

Customs Bonded
Freight that hasn’t cleared customs? Not a problem. Let Cardinal be your bonded carrier—we can deliver your shipment smoothly from the airport to your company.

Bank, Payroll, and Mail Runs
We can schedule any type of route for your company. Whether it’s a one-time bank run, or a consistent weekly schedule of payroll runs, you can rely on Cardinal to get it to your destination.

Allow Cardinal to safely secure your freight & deliver to its final destination.

Cross Docking
Able to service your truck promptly & get it moving to its next appointment.


Cardinal Delivery