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Houston Cross Docking Services Near Me

To efficiently and accurately move goods between businesses, it is often best to use cross docking services. Here at Cardinal Delivery, we have been providing these services for over 20 years, and we know that we can help. 


Cross docking can be implemented in many ways, but the general process involves a quick unloading and reloading of delivery vehicles to ensure that all necessary products get to the right destination.

This is done without any storage in the middle, reducing the need for storage space and speeding up the entire process. Whether your business is a manufacturer, a retailer or some other company within the supply chain, we are here to help.

Bypass the DC and Reduce Distribution Costs Cardinal Delivery 1

Bypass the DC and Reduce Distribution Costs

One of the main reasons to use cross docking services is that it allows you to bypass the distribution center and cut down on the costs that you face. This can help make your entire process more lucrative, it can increase revenue, and it can also help to ensure that your products get to consumers and retail centers in a timely manner. As you know, when things run smoothly, everyone benefits.

A cross dock delivery is a simple way to improve the flow of goods between various locations in Texas without causing unnecessary delays and holding shipments in even short-term storage locations. Cardinal Delivery also offers co-packing services, if needed. We can handle every step in this process.

While we do offer warehousing services as well, we know that this is not ideal for everyone, and cross docking services are an option that may help you streamline your operation. No matter what kind of goods and products you produce, this is something that you may want to consider, and it’s a service that is used by companies across the state and across North America.

Why Cardinal Cross Docking Services?

Of course, you need to have experienced and professional cross docking services to get the type of results that you’re looking for.

Our two decades of experience is the first reason to come to us, but you also want to check out the terrific reviews we get from our other clients, and you may want to consider the A+ rating we’ve been given by the BBB.

This is a prestigious rating that is hard to achieve, and you know we’re going to work hard to uphold it every single day. Moreover, we have affordable prices, and we have well-trained crews who can work with businesses of any size. Think of us as your one-stop-shop for all of your logistics needs.

We have on-demand services that you can use whenever you need them, we offer contractual engagements if you’d prefer to do this on a regular basis, and we guarantee that your goods will be in excellent condition the entire time. Ensuring that the job is done the right way means hiring the right team, and that’s when you need to call Cardinal Delivery.

What Are the Types of Cross Docking?

There are numerous types of cross docking, including the following:

  • Manufacturing cross docking
  • Transportation cross docking
  • Distributor cross docking
  • Opportunistic cross docking
  • Retail cross docking

This is often done to streamline the process and make sure the deliveries are more efficient. For instance, each specific manufacturer may only ship one type of product to a retail center, but the retailer is actually ordering hundreds of different products. Rather than driving each individual truck full of goods to the final destination, and then dropping off a small portion of those goods, all of the goods are unloaded at the cross docking center. The final delivery trucks are then made up of a variety of goods from all of the various manufacturers so that one truck can fulfill all the needs at the final retail center.

What Is Cross Docking and What Are Its Benefits?

As noted above, cross docking is just the process of switching goods between vehicles without storing them in between. The service that most people are looking for is the manual labor as goods move from one truck to the other at a dock. The exact amount of work this takes depends on the shipment, but the main benefit is that it’s much faster than unloading, storing and then reloading into another vehicle. It is less expensive and gets the job done when you’re on a tight deadline.

What Is Cross Dock Services?

When you’re looking for cross dock services near me, you’re likely looking for a fast turnaround time. After all, cross dock services allow the goods from one truck to be quickly unloaded and then reloaded into a second vehicle. Those items may be set aside near the dock for a very short time, in a staging area, but they’re not going to be stored long-term. This can cut down on expenses, it reduces the need for storage space and it means that everything can be done as quickly as possible. This is beneficial in situations where part of a journey needs to be done in one vehicle and then completed in another, but the overall goal is to move the goods to their final destination as quickly as possible. Storage delays could hinder this process, but cross dock services make it work smoothly and efficiently for all involved.

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