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Final Mile Delivery Service

When you have critically important B2B deliveries, you need help from the proven experts in final mile delivery. Cardinal Delivery has an A+ rating with the BBB in Houston for good reason. We don’t rest on our exemplary track record. We constantly make improvements so that our business customers receive the superb B2C delivery results… but in a B2B channel.

Cardinal Delivery has acquired the best manpower available to create proprietary algorithms that get your packages to their destination on time, every time. Consistent reliability is the key to our working relationships with businesses that are scaling rapidly.

We are discerning in our hiring process. Thus, from our route logic specialists to our dependable drivers, you can expect the bar to be set very high. That includes our customer service team – always at the ready with a clear and accurate answer for you.

Our customers cannot afford to make mistakes. They expect accurate tracking and the fastest shipping possible anywhere on the planet. Last mile shipping is a crucial part of your distribution process.

We, at Cardinal Delivery, invite you to take a look at our numerous, positive Google reviews. They’re part of the reason we have a five-star rating on Google. The other reason we alluded to earlier:
Houston Last Mile Delivery Service That You Can Trust Cardinal Delivery

Last Mile Delivery Service That You Can Trust

When you read our highly positive customer reviews, you’ll see why businesses choose us for shipping. We’re proud that so many business customers, of varying sizes, have placed their trust in our final-mile delivery and obtained satisfying results. Our goal isn’t just to earn your business with the best warehouse and distribution solutions… it’s to keep your business.

We’re the most reliable and inexpensive last mile delivery service in Texas and beyond. We offer many useful services to improve your supply chain fluidity. You’re in good hands when you allow us to secure your freight and deliver to all your important Texas destinations and beyond.

Here are some additional reasons to trust us with your LTL (and larger) freight:

  • Friendly, clear customer service.
  • Drivers have proper training and certifications.
  • Accurate tracking of your packages and/or palettes.
  • We deliver highly sensitive legal documents each and every day.
  • We deliver pharmaceuticals (and even organs) in temperature-controlled vehicles.
  • We have 28 years of experience and a proven track record of reliability.

We have a network of experienced distribution service partners across the United States. This helps us ensure accuracy with all deliveries for our valued customers.

Benefits of Final Mile Shipping in Houston Texas

We have decades of experience in same day shipping whether it’s a legal document or it’s a truckload of frozen food. We have a 10,000 square foot warehouse and that helps us with final mile delivery for many of our customers. Our large, modern warehouse capacity enables proper organization of your inventory and that helps expedite your last mile shipping.

Hotshot Final Mile FAQ

What is final mile delivery?

This term refers to the last leg of the journey, for your goods, from a distribution hub (or warehouse) to the final destination. However, it can also refer to part of the process where goods are assembled before they’re loaded onto a vehicle. When it comes to that part of the equation, your business can benefit from any of the following services we offer:

  • Sort and sag
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Part pulling and order fulfillment
  • Logistics management and distribution services
  • Cross-docking and co-packing services

We, at Cardinal Delivery, are adept at every single step of the final mile delivery process for your business!

Why is the last mile so expensive?
We alluded to the increased traffic congestion, in many cities, in the last question. Increased time on the road can make salary and gas costs more significant. Furthermore, our business customers demand that goods be delivered as quickly as possible. Thus, it becomes necessary to hire the best logistics team in the business.

The “big box” stores have tremendous resources to allocate to the last mile delivery problem. That’s why we’re constantly improving our delivery algorithms and the way packages are grouped together. It costs money to implement the best technology and software, but it’s worth it because we must satisfy our customers’ shipping needs for years to come!

Why is last mile delivery difficult?

Last mile delivery has a number of challenges that Cardinal Delivery has tackled successfully. With the advent of giant retailers and “big box” stores came the expectation of incredibly fast delivery at much lower prices. Thus, companies smaller than these retail giants (which is almost everyone) must innovate with better technology so they can compete in this area.

One example: In many rural areas you may have small hubs that are miles apart. Thus, you may have multiple stops with smaller freight. Another example is that many cities have significantly more traffic than they did five years ago.

How long does final mile delivery take?
We’re often able to perform same day deliveries as we have for 28 years running. Delivery time always depends on several factors, but we feel confident saying we’re the fastest in the United States with our level of consistent accuracy.

Your final mile delivery will be same day, two day, or longer depending on the distance and the price you’d like to pay. We clearly delineate your different options with respect to specific routes that recur regularly or on a case-by-case basis.