Houston Refrigerated Transport Services

We have a diverse fleet of climate-controlled vehicles to handle any sized load under 10,000 lbs. We work with companies of all sizes to transport perishable items throughout Texas

Best Refrigerated Transportation Services Near Me in Houston

At Cardinal Delivery, we pride ourselves on offering the best Houston refrigerated transport services in Texas. We always put our clients first and we focus on making prompt final-mile deliveries. We know that this is critical with refrigerated goods, such as:

  • NSeafood
  • NWine
  • NProduce
  • NBeef
  • NFloral
  • NMedical

In addition to cold warehouse storage, we offer services for frozen goods. We can set this all up on an on-demand basis, or we can schedule things out for weekly, monthly, or whatever other option you need.

While it is important for a same-day courier service to always focus on deadlines and make the deliveries on time, this takes on an extra level of urgency with refrigerated items, and you can trust us to do the job the right way.

We are experienced and we have the best crews and drivers in the business. We also have state-of-the-art refrigerated vehicles to do the transportation itself, and you can trust that the best technology in the world is keeping your goods in pristine condition until they arrive at your doorstep.

We’re flexible and we are determined to give you the type of services that you’re looking for. When you hire us, you can rest assured that we will do an incredible job with every single delivery, making your job easier and giving you the best possible results.

Best Refrigerated Delivery Service Near Me Cardinal Delivery

Refrigerated Delivery Service Near Me

You’re probably also looking for refrigerated transport services that are close to you, and that’s why it pays to work with us. We are a fixture in the Houston community, but we also have partners that expand our reach outside of the state and across North America.

If you are from our local delivery area, working with us is easy. But, even if your items need to make a significant trip, we can still provide all the options that you’re looking for.

We’re happy to go over the specifics with you to make sure you know what we can do and exactly what logistics will be necessary to get your items to their final destination.

We can do climate-controlled deliveries anywhere in the country, and we have an A+ rating with the BBB that shows how seriously we take getting optimal results. If you need any more assurance, just look at the rave reviews from our past clients, and you’ll see that Cardinal Delivery is the company for the job.

Best Refrigerated Trucking Companies Near Me

If you want other examples of ways that our refrigerated transport services stand apart from the competition, one example is that we offer same-day services. You don’t have to make a schedule day, weeks, or months in advance.
We can work with you on a scheduling basis if you’d like, but we’re also there for emergency deliveries when you need the service the most. You can set up these on-demand refrigerated delivery service options online or by calling, whichever is most convenient for you.

Additionally, we have turnkey warehouse and distribution options that you can use. Think of us as your logistics partner, working hard to make sure that your goods and materials are transported properly every single day.

We have the trucks and technology to do this correctly, we have the experience to know what it takes and we have the dedication to getting the job done that is necessary for these quick trips.

When normal shipping options just are not going to be enough, you need to call us. We are the solution you’ve been looking for. We also can handle extremely large deliveries, of up to 10000 lbs. We work with major companies, local shops, and everything in between.

Best Refrigerated Delivery Service Near Me Cardinal Delivery

Refrigerated Transport FAQ

What are refrigerated trucks used for?
Refrigerated trucks are used for anything that would spoil if exposed to the elements or a setting above a certain temperature. This doesn’t always mean that the items would spoil instantly, but simply that they might be in much worse condition. For something like meat, for example, the right temperatures are required just for it to be healthy and safe to serve to customers at a restaurant.

Vegetables and wine may last longer in a non-temperature-controlled setting than meat would, but they still won’t taste as fresh and delicious. In this sense, a refrigerated courier service can help to provide optimal ingredients in any industry. When quality matters, you need the right vehicles and crews to do the job in a way that conforms with your high standards – and those of your customers.

What industries use refrigerated trucks?
The produce industry is a major user of refrigerated trucks. Restaurants and other establishments need to know that they can have beef, vegetables, seafood and wine delivered exactly when they need it. Many of these companies get fresh deliveries every single day, because it’s important to them to have the best possible ingredients.

Another industry that is often looking for refrigerated trucking companies near me is the medical industry. For transplants, donations, and certain medications, a temperature-controlled setting is an absolute necessity. There is no room for error and patients’ health and well-being hang in the balance. When they need to call someone that they can trust for these types of services, they know that they need to get in touch with us.