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At Cardinal warehouse storage facility, we provide various warehouse services for industrial clients. Our team of experienced warehouse and logistics professionals are committed to delivering the best service.

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Specializing in Industrial Warehouse, Distribution, Short Term Storage, 3PL Logistics, Cross Docking, and Container Drayage

Our warehouse services include industrial warehouse, distribution, short-term storage, 3PL logistics, cross-docking, and container drayage. We provide complete solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our highly qualified team is well-versed in the intricacies of large storage units for rent and understands the complexities of order management processes. We are well-positioned to provide insight into market trends and are a 3PL logistics partner that will help you make informed decisions as you scale your business.

Industrial Warehouse Services

If you live in Houston and have ever searched for trusted “commercial warehouse storage near me,” Cardinal Delivery Service is your one-stop shop. Our industrial warehouse services include receiving/shipping functions such as inventory stocking/depletion tracking, cycle counts, and reorder management. We also handle product sorting, repacking/repalletization operations, hazardous goods loading/unloading capabilities, and federal customs clearance regulations through our partner broker network. In addition, we understand that protecting inventory is essential for success, so we use proven security systems and staff trained in secure handling techniques for maximum protection.

Cost-Effective Warehouse Solutions

We offer short-term storage solutions focusing on efficient yet cost-effective solutions for seasonal products or high-value goods requiring specialized handling procedures or additional temperature control capabilities for refrigerated goods. Additionally, we provide comprehensive, third-party logistics (3PL) services to assist with all aspects of supply chain management, from inventory planning to transportation optimization and more.

Cross-docking Warehouse

Our cross-docking capabilities enable us to quickly move goods between multiple locations while offering just-in-time delivery options when necessary. Finally, our container drayage services meet the logistical needs of global trade across various modes of transport, including ocean freight consolidation & trucking services throughout North America & beyond (Including Mexico & Canada border crossing).

At Cardinal Delivery Service, we strive to provide superior customer service and satisfaction by leveraging the latest industry technologies and best practices. Our commitment to excellence is in the six fundamental warehouse processes essential for efficient and effective warehouses.

The Six Fundamental Processes at Cardinal Warehouse Storage Facility

Optimizing these six warehouse processes will streamline warehouse operations, reduce cost & errors, and achieve a higher perfect order rate.

Receiving Freight Safely and Securely

We process all freight through our warehouse storage facility with the utmost care and precision using our advanced warehouse management software (WMS). We track all orders with this system to ensure that every item entering or leaving our facility arrives accurately. In addition, our customers can track the status of their shipments until they reach their destinations.

Putaway Inventory & Managing Receiving Through WMS

Once our team has received freight, it is stored securely by industry best practices. In addition, our automated inventory management system allows us to maintain exact control over all incoming and outgoing items and accurately count stock levels for more complex transactions like order fulfillment or customer returns.

Storage of Freight Short Term or Long Term

Customers can utilize our short-term storage services when needed or longer-term if orders are more significant or require special handling, such as temperature-controlled containers for refrigerated goods. Regardless of warehouse storage needs, we have the right solution to ensure that freight remains safe while in our possession.

Picking Freight: For Will Call Pickup or Delivery

Our warehouse management system and delivery services also help us rapidly locate items within our facility when orders come in so that there are no costly delays due to manual processing errors. We also support will-call pickups if requested by customers on an individual basis.

Packing Custom Orders As Needed

For added customer satisfaction, we have staff trained specifically for packing custom jobs according to each customer’s requirements, although always mindful of cost constraints whenever possible. For example, when packing, we use appropriate materials and safe handling procedures for all types of shipments, whether domestic or international transportation rules need to follow.

Shipping Via LTL, FedEx, Hot Shot, Or Local Final Mile Delivery

We successfully pack orders and delivery them with our trusted courier services, including LTL (Less than Truckload), Hot Shot, or local final mile delivery services depending on customers’ shipping preferences and requirements. In addition, Cardial Delivery Service only hires the best truck drivers, thus guaranteeing quick turnaround times without surprises along the way!

Cardinal Delivery offers 3PL services throughout Houston and its surrounding areas. With an extensive infrastructure in Houston, We can provide local businesses with a wide range of services, from warehousing to same-day delivery.

Cardinal Delivery is dedicated to providing Houston’s most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective 3PL services. From strategic locations around Houston to the newest technological advancements for enhancing the customer experience, Cardinal Delivery is well-equipped to help local businesses thrive in Houston’s bustling market.

Best Houston Distribution Warehouse Near Me Cardinal Delivery

Secure, Climate Controlled Warehouse

At Cardinal Delivery Service, we understand the unique challenges faced by industrial businesses when it comes to meeting the growing demand for logistics services and warehouse storage space for rent in today’s competitive environment – that is why our focus is always on providing top-quality customer service fueled by competence & dependability from our knowledgeable staff backed up by cutting edge technology & automated systems designed around customer needs.

Cross-docking and Co-Packing Services

Cross-docking and co-packing services are effective ways to optimize warehousing operations. For example, cross-docking involves transferring products directly from one delivery truck to another without storing them in the warehouse, reducing inventory costs significantly. Additionally, co-packing allows multiple products to ship together using automated systems to ensure accuracy and speed up order fulfillment time.

Sort & Segregate

Effectively sorting and segregating inventory is essential to ensure orders are dispatched correctly without any errors. This process can be done manually or with advanced AI technology, which can identify items quickly using barcodes and RFID tags while maintaining safety standards.


Once we sort items correctly, they must be picked from the warehouse storage shelves and packed according to customer specifications. Our pick-and-pack system offers maximum efficiency by ensuring that item selection is always accurate, thanks to our advanced Warehouse Management Software (WMS).

Part Pulling and Order Fulfillment

We understand that when servicing customers for large orders, it is essential for accuracy and speed of delivery. That is why we offer part-pulling services, which enable us to rapidly locate specific parts required for larger orders during order fulfillment – particularly helpful when critical components are required.

Break Bulk

Break bulk refers to an efficient way of packing goods within their containers so that they may be filled quickly with minimum interruption or wasted time due to unnecessary handling. Our break bulk service ensures that we load each product carefully onto the appropriate pallet without damage or loss – saving costs on packaging materials while still maintaining high-quality control standards.

Bulk & Small Pallet Storage

A safe warehouse storage facility for both large and small pallets ensures easy access when orders come in, allowing a faster turnaround time with fewer delays due to transportation costs or lost shipments. Cardinal Delivery Service has a secure warehousing space where we store bulk and small pallet items in separate locations depending on customer requirements.

Logistics Management (Distribution) Services

Logistics management (distribution) is where customer orders are prepared, bundled into groups based on destination addresses then shipped out by carrier/transporter using our WMS system, which tracks each shipment until it reaches its final destination, accurately recording all associated data points along the way such as weight, size etcetera making sure each package arrives safely at its intended location intact!

Critical Parts Management

Critical parts management involves maintaining the highest level of accuracy when stocking essential components like spare parts or accessories, protecting customers from costly delays due to transportation costs or lost shipments due to inaccurate record keeping during inventory tracking/managing! Our team has experience in this field, ensuring customer needs meet industry best practices every single time!

Quality Control Inspections

For us to uphold our commitment towards quality assurance, we conduct regular inspections across all facets of our operation, including receiving, storage handling methods used by workers, etcetera, helping maximize efficiency while minimizing errors caused by incorrect item selection/placement etcetera ensuring customers receive only the best quality products from us at all times!

24/7 Video Surveillance

We understand that security is paramount when it comes to warehousing solutions. Hence, every facility at Cardinal Delivery Service has 24/7 video surveillance, constantly monitoring all activity within our premises – guaranteeing peace of mind knowing that precious cargo is safe and secure even while away from home!

Warehousing Storage Facility FAQ

What are the four types of warehouse storage facilities
  1. Open warehouses are the most basic type of facility and typically have no walls or roofing. They offer the least protection from the elements but are often the most cost-effective option.
  2. Enclosed warehouses have walls and a roof to protect stored items from weather conditions and theft.
  3. Climate-controlled warehouses maintain a consistent temperature and humidity to protect sensitive items from extreme temperatures or moisture damage.
  4. Containerized warehouses use shipping containers as individual storage units that can be stacked on top of each other to maximize space efficiency.
What are the three most essential criteria for warehousing?

When selecting a warehouse storage facility, there are three critical criteria: security, accessibility, and cost. Security measures should include 24/7 surveillance systems, alarm systems, restricted access points, and secure locks on all doors and windows. Accessibility is also important since it will determine how quick access to stored goods is. Finally, regarding the cost, compare different warehouse storage facilities, as some may offer more services than others at a higher price point.

What is the storage process in a warehouse?

The storage process in a warehouse involves several steps, including receiving goods from suppliers; inspecting them for quality; labeling them with identification numbers; sorting them according to their characteristics; placing them in designated areas; tracking their movements using inventory management software; and finally disposing of any damaged or expired products according to company policies. Following these steps carefully can ensure that the warehouse is running while minimizing losses due to mishandling or misplacement of goods.

3PL Logistics Freight Forwarding Services

Managed Transportation 3PL is a system in which a third-party logistics service provider takes responsibility for the transportation of goods. This includes developing and maintaining relationships with carriers, scheduling and coordinating shipments, providing an e-commerce platform to manage all aspects of shipping, and negotiating freight contracts with carriers. As a result, businesses can enjoy increased visibility into their supply chain while minimizing costs associated with shipping and delivery. Managed Transportation 3PL makes it easier for companies to manage customer orders from start to finish, streamline warehousing operations, and better respond to changing business needs.

Using Managed Transportation 3PL services provides many valuable benefits to organizations of all sizes. It helps reduce the hassle and complexity of managing a multi-faceted transportation system on your own, freeing up time and resources. Not only that, but you get access to cutting-edge technology, such as tracking and route optimization, which can significantly speed up shipments while lowering costs at the same time.

Managed Transportation 3PL services also enable companies to scale their transportation needs quickly and cost-effectively, depending on demand. These robust cost savings further extend to added safety and security measures such as theft protection and proactive damage prevention for goods in transit. Ultimately, Managed Transportation 3PL services provide a winning combination of convenience, reliability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and scalability – making it an attractive option for businesses looking for an easy solution to their transportation needs.

Why Cardinal Hot Shot Trucking Company Cardinal Delivery
Cardinal Delivery provides unparalleled service when it comes to managed transportation third-party logistics. Unlike other companies, they are committed to helping businesses find solutions tailored to their individual needs. They understand that every business varies in size and scope, so they will work with clients to come up with solutions that fit their operations.

Their team of experienced professionals comprehensively understands the transportation industry, enabling them to provide customers with cost-effective services that help reduce trucking costs and boost efficiency. Furthermore, Cardinal Delivery ensures clients receive quality assurance, real-time tracking capabilities, capacity planning solutions, and shipment visibility for peace of mind. In short, Cardinal Delivery is the sensible choice for those looking for an expert-managed transportation 3PL provider who makes customer satisfaction their top priority.

Cardinal Delivery offers a range of managed transportation 3PL services to help companies streamline their operations. Not only can Cardinal help with the planning and execution of your next major delivery, but our team of professionals will also make sure that every shipment remains on schedule and efficient.

With expertise in domestic and international shipments, we can ensure that you always remain compliant with safety protocols while meeting ever-tightening delivery deadlines. Additionally, Cardinal’s years of experience mean that you can trust us to provide superior customer service and monitor service levels so that your deliveries exceed expectations. Put simply; it’s a no-brainer if you need comprehensive managed transportation 3PL services, then look no further than Cardinal Delivery.

Cardinal Delivery offers Managed Transportation 3PL across Houston and beyond. Houston businesses can significantly reduce their storage, transportation, and resource-related expenditures with this service. Cardinal Delivery’s expertise in 3PL solutions can help Houston companies stay competitive in their industries while ensuring the timely delivery of goods. Knowing that every dollar counts, business owners rely on Cardinal Delivery for options regarding a full suite of cross-docking services as well as complete control of inventory. Moreover, companies get assistance from professionals throughout the entire logistics process, from pickup to delivery. In sum, businesses in Houston can trust Cardinal Delivery to provide reliable and efficient solutions when it comes to Managed Transportation 3PL.

Managed Transportation 3PL FAQ

How do I explain my business to a 3PL company?
When speaking with a third-party logistics (3PL) company, it is important to be well-prepared with all the necessary information in order to explain your business. Start by introducing your company, its history, and any unique features of your products or services. Be ready to discuss the specific needs of your business in terms of shipping, handling, and storage. Make sure that you cover the specifics of what types of goods you will be shipping and how often.

An effective explanation includes understanding the 3PL company’s capabilities and experience in similar industries. The goal is to ensure your business requirements are met and to choose a partner best suited for you based on the available data about the 3PL’s performance and customer feedback. Once you have found a 3PL provider who can help meet your needs, it is essential to detail exactly how they will support your business operations so that everyone works together smoothly.

Why is it important to keep track of 3PL issues?
Keeping track of 3PL (third-party logistics) issues is essential for businesses that rely on third-party companies to handle their shipping and delivery processes. Without being aware of any delays, changes in the supply chain, or other potential risks posed by external providers, companies fail to meet customer expectations and may miss important deadlines.

Additionally, it can help businesses identify cost savings and areas of improvement by monitoring 3PL performance and trends. Addressing 3PL issues quickly and accurately is important to maintain the level of service businesses have promised to customers while also finding opportunities to reduce expenses. Businesses can protect themselves from costly service disruptions by being aware of and addressing 3PL issues.

What should I look for when choosing a 3PL?
When selecting a 3PL (third-party logistics) provider, it is important to consider several factors. First and foremost, the provider must have expertise in the field and experience managing similar projects in the past. It is also beneficial to review testimonials from previous customers and audit reports. Additionally, you should determine their safety standards, transportation methods, and technologies they use for tracking shipments. Lastly, ensure that their rates are competitive and that their service level aligns with your needs. By considering all of these factors, you can be confident you’ll make the best decision for your supply chain needs.

Oversize Load Permits

Permit loads, also known as super loads, are oversized loads requiring special permission from state and/or local governments to move. These shipments are often very large with considerable weight and require special arrangements, which include extra security and specific routes to navigate the transport process.

Depending on the specific regulations of a particular area or state, permits may be necessary for shipments over a certain width, height, or length. If a shipment requires a special permit load, it is important to contact local authorities ahead of time to ensure there are no delays in delivery. For many industries transporting permit loads is incredibly important and having the right team in place makes it possible for time-sensitive shipments to get to their destination.

Cardinal Delivery delivers superior permit loads that give customers peace of mind. Our team of professionals specializes in the safe and timely transport of oversized cargo and has years of experience navigating the road through even the most challenging roads.

We have a comprehensive range of services for permit loads, including interpretation and handling of permits, route planning, and payment/acquisition, as well as delivery options when available. We understand how important it is to deliver your freight on time and in one piece, so we go above and beyond to provide customers with a stress-free delivery process. With Cardinal Delivery on your side, you can trust us to take the hassle out of your permit load deliveries.

Permit Loads are the best choice when it comes to transporting oversized and overweight loads with efficiency and ease. With state-by-state permits secured instantly, drivers can move their shipments quickly while avoiding fines and delays. Moreover, the service team provides timely updates at every step of the process so customers know exactly where the load is in transit. And if that wasn’t enough, Permit Loads services come at very competitive rates, so customers can be assured of getting quality without breaking the bank! All of these features make Permit Loads an invaluable service for anyone looking to streamline their freight shipping operation.
Cardinal Freight Delivery Supply Chain Logistics
Cardinal Delivery offers a wide variety of secure and efficient permit load services for businesses, making them one of the top delivery service providers across the US. With their specialized, permitted vehicle fleets and IT systems, they provide customers with accuracy in tracking and report-keeping, superior asset management, and time-efficient deliveries.

Furthermore, they also offer dock-to-dock delivery services and exact arrival scheduling even during peak delivery times. Cardinal’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures that all deliveries are completed without fail in accordance with federal guidelines for hazardous materials transport.

Cardinal Delivery offers a wide variety of secure and efficient permit load services for businesses, making them one of the top delivery service providers across the US. With their specialized, permitted vehicle fleets and IT systems, they provide customers with accuracy in tracking and report-keeping, superior asset management, and time-efficient deliveries.

Furthermore, they also offer dock-to-dock delivery services and exact arrival scheduling even during peak delivery times. Cardinal’s commitment to quality and reliability ensures that all deliveries are completed without fail in accordance with federal guidelines for hazardous materials transport.

Permit Loads FAQ

What is a Permit Load?
A Permit Load is a specialized type of truck transportation used to ship oversized or exceptionally heavy cargo that may not meet the requirements for typical deliveries. The load usually requires special federal, state, and local permits due to its size, weight, or purpose. It often requires professional drivers who are trained in rules and regulations governing the transport of such freight.

In addition, special detours or travel routes may need to be established in order for the trucking companies to deliver the load safely and on schedule. Permit Loads may move anything from bridge pieces to large construction assemblies, generators, turbine blades, and even windmill nacelle components. These special loads make it possible to transport goods that would otherwise be impossible without them.

Is a Permit Load the same as a Super Load?
When it comes to loads of a certain weight, size, and width, the same criteria is often used to identify them as “permit loads” or “super loads.” This can be confusing for some people who are looking for clarity on what the differences might be. Essentially, a permit load is any load the Department of Transportation must approve before it can travel on the roads due to its size and/or weight. A super load is an even larger load that usually requires special items like escort vehicles to travel safely from Point A to Point B. While they may have some commonalities, they are definitely two unique categories of loads.
How long does it take to get a Permit Load?
Obtaining a permit load can often be a long and tedious process. The time it takes to get one varies widely depending on the state’s regulations and paperwork
requirements. Many states require evidence of insurance, weight limits, dimensions, route confirmations, and other details for the permit to be granted. Additionally, six or more states may have to sign off on a multi-state permit application for approval. In these cases, it can take weeks or even months before an operator can obtain the necessary permits. Despite this lengthy process, many operators find that with efficient planning and logistical organization, they can still get their loads out as scheduled with minimal delays.

3PL Warehousing and Distribution

Cardinal Delivery is your best warehouse and truck delivery service with efficient distribution for your business. Our warehouse distribution center is state of the art.
Cardinal Hot Shot Delivery Drivers Needed Cardinal Delivery

Looking for Houston Warehouse Space?

If your business is looking for the best Houston warehouse and distribution team, look no further. We have an A+ rating with the BBB in Houston for good reason. We make it our top priority to safely secure your freight and deliver to your final destination within Texas and far beyond.

We service your truck with efficient speed and friendly customer service to give you the best possible turnaround time on your deliveries. We have forklift service at our warehouses. We also offer dependable temporary storage, which makes things simpler for your operations.

We offer the following services as your trusted and meticulous distribution warehouse:

  • Break bulk
  • Sort and Sag
  • Pick-and-pack
  • Cross-docking
  • Bulk and small pallet storage
  • Logistics management services

We have numerous glowing reviews on Google as well as a five-star Google rating! We’re your one-stop shop for storage and efficient distribution services and many of our valued customers come through Houston. Enjoy easy-to-use, modern software tracking of your deliveries throughout your storage and distribution process.

You Scale Your Business, We Scale Your Supply Chain

Now, more than ever, your business needs dependable supply chain logistics. When you need temporary storage in our warehouses, you get exceptional and speedy service for unloading.

Our Houston warehouse will unload your items, itemize them accurately, and ship them locally and across the United States. If you’re asking the question:“What’s the best distribution warehouse near me?” We have your answer. As a business, we know you’re concerned with getting supplies shipped and delivered on time, every time.

Rest assured that at Cardinal Delivery, we’ve got that down to a science. We even offer refrigerated delivery for fresh and frozen products. That means we accommodate every size and every type of package from LTL to extremely sensitive documents.

We offer same-day service and the speediest delivery times in the business with exceptionally high standards of accuracy. That’s why we’re trusted as a full-service express courier delivery service and warehouse. As your business scales, we’re here for you to support your supply chain logistics. Your success is our success.

As our customer, you’ll enjoy the use of simple, modern software to track your inventory. Cardinal Delivery works with companies of all sizes and all manner of supply chain requirements. We’re happy to answer the question:
“How can we help your business scale in the easiest manner possible?”

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Box Cardinal Delivery

Why Cardinal Is the Best Distribution Warehouse for Your Business

Why are we the best warehouse distribution center for your business? As we mentioned previously, we have an A+ rating with the BBB in Houston. We credit this achievement to hiring superior employees in every sector of our warehouse and distribution operations. We work hard to hire only the best and to uphold our reputation for successfully scaling our customers’ businesses.

Hire us if you require the best Houston warehouse and distribution logistics for:

  • Docking
  • Backdoor delivery
  • Lift gate for large pallets
  • Temporary storage in our warehouses

Part of the reason that we’re the best choice for your business is that we “do it all” when it comes to enhancing your supply chain operations. Experience counts for a lot in this industry sector. And Cardinal Delivery has it in spades.

Warehouse & Logistics FAQ

What Are the 4 Types of Warehouses and Distribution Centers?

On-Demand Storage
Many businesses require storage only under certain parameters. This is often due to fluctuations in sales that can be seasonal. Some warehouses have extra capacity that they allocate to their customers who require storage that is temporary and specific. This is a fast-growing sector of the warehouse market.

Pick and Pack Warehouse
When this warehouse receives an order the employees, or some automated system, finds the items on that order. These items are then packed with the proper shipping label and shipped out to the customer.

Smart Warehouse
As the name implies, sophisticated technology is employed to make shipping to your customers even faster than the above. They may even use robots in this type of warehouse to do all of the following:

  • Receive products
  • Store products
  • Pick products from storage when an order comes in
  • Ship products to customers
  • Update the inventory
  • Cold Storage Warehouse

Some businesses require low temperature storage of their products that must remain frozen or at specific temperatures. This may include any of the following:

  • Frozen foods
  • Plants
  • Medicine
  • Artwork
  • Cosmetics
  • Candles

We hope this answer sheds more light on the different warehouse options available to you.

How Does a Distribution Warehouse Work?

Here are three important operations of a distribution warehouse:

  1. Expedient, efficient offloading of your freight from the truck
  2. Accurate inventory to double check each item is accounted for
  3. Temporary storage of your products

Some distribution warehouses (like ours, for example) offer a variety of helpful services once your inventory is inside the warehouse. This reduces or eliminates bottlenecks in the supply chain for your business and helps you scale faster.

What Is the Difference Between Warehouse and Distribution?
Warehouse is the temporary storage of your packages or palettes of packages including the offloading of those items. We have forklift services to expedite this process. Many of our customers benefit from our storage services, as they don’t care to handle this part of the equation themselves. Distribution refers to the process of successfully executing the transport of goods to the point of sale. This also includes break bulk or ocean shipping.

How to Contact Us

We’re happy to answer your questions at 713.218.6400 today! You may also email us at dispatch@cardinal-delivery.com. As your trusted Houston warehouse and distribution center, we look forward to working with you!